chimpman is a lie.


We arrive at the battleground of two of the most controversial areas between the Bible and Science, but we must be aware that it’s not a battle between the two, but rather a battle between the theory of “special creation” and the theory of human evolution. Since we accept that through the Bible as an authoritative word of the Lord, we confirm the theory of special creation had revealed the Truth of God, and vice versa.

Scientifically, there would be no proof to confirm either theories since both are inaccessible to scientific observation nor experimentation. No human was alive to observe and record the beginnings, therefore the best thing to be done scientifically is to investigate the facts and decide which is most in accord with the facts. This still will prove nothing, for some will choose one and some the other. Ultimately it comes down to a matter of belief. Either believing evolution or believing special creation.

I made this site as my argument on why human evolution is false. Hopefully this, if not change how you view the question “Is the theory of human evolution correct?”, at least add some arguments to make you think.